Yan Research Group

Research Interests

Direction 1: Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Self-Assembly and Smart Materials

Exploiting Novel Stimuli-Responsive Polymers and Their Self-Assembled Systems for Intelligent Applications and Functional Materials.

Direction 2: Dynamic Biomacromolecular (Protein) Self-Assembly

Allosteric Effect-Driven Protein Precise Self-Assembly for Multidimensional and Multiscale Biomaterials.

Direction 3: New Supramolecular/Macromolecular Self-Assembly Methodology

Exploring Unknown Self-Assembly Techniques and Strategies for Non-canonical Self-Assembled Systems and Materials.

Direction 4: External-Field-Controlled Living Polymerization

Utilizing External Triggers such as Light, Mechanical Force, Voltage and Magnetism to Regulate Controlled/Living Polymerization.

Posters for Lab Introduction

(from posters in our corridor, made in June 2020)