Yan Research Group

Positions Available

We are looking for and welcome highly-motivated individuals interested in self-assembly science! We have positions available at different levels. Please contact Prof. Dr. Yan ( to explore the opportunities. 


      Prospective postdocs with a proven track of reasearch experience and expertise in supramolecular chemistry or macromolecular self-assembly or proteinor polymer synthesis are encouraged to apply. Please send your CV (1 page maximum) with a short description of your research interests directly to Prof. Dr. Yan.

Graduate Students

      We are actively recruiting enthusiastic and motivated graduate students to join our research team. Students with background of polymer or organic chemistryor biochemistry and have interest in self-assembly science are welcome to contact Prof. Dr. Yan.

    If you are already admitted to the Department of Macromolecular Science at Fudan University, you are welcome to contact Prof. Dr. Yan to discuss potential projects and possibilities. If you are planning to apply our department, you can also email Prof. Dr. Yan.

Undergraduate Students

    We sincerely invite undergraduate students, who are interested in polymer chemistry at Fudan to join Prof. Yan’s Self-Assembly Team. Please email Prof. Dr. Yan for more information.